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It's one thing to feed and bathe your pet like you should, but it's another thing to treat him or her like a family member. I have been a pet owner for a long time, and during that time, I have watched how friends and family members treat their animals. I have noticed several trends with people who really care about their animals, and I want to share them with you. After all, doesn't every pet deserve to be loved and cared for? Check out my blog for more information regarding pet ownership, so that you can make life special for your furry friend.

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What To Consider When Boarding Your Dog For The First Time

Are you going to be traveling soon and not able to take your dog with you? If so, you are going to need to find someone in your area that will board your dog while you are away. Here are some things to consider when boarding your dog for the first time.

In-Home vs. Kennel Boarding

One of the first things you'll need to decide is if you want to do in-home boarding or kennel boarding. As the name implies, in-home boarding involves finding an individual that is willing to take your dog into their own home to take care of them. Some people prefer this for a younger puppy since they may not be able to cope with the stressors that come with kennel boarding and feel overwhelmed. The same may apply to senior dogs that are older and used to a quiet environment.

Kennel boarding is when you take your dog to a facility where they have their own kennel. However, they do not stay in the kennel all day long. There are often ways for dogs to get more exercise with outdoor areas where they can run and burn off some energy, helping them be more rested at night.

Medical Assistance

Does your dog require some sort of medical assistance, such as taking medication? It's important to ask if the dog boarding company is able to administer the medication for your dog while they are being boarded. It's also important to have all emergency information ready to go for your dog, such as your veterinarian, so the boarder knows where to take your dog if there is a medical emergency while you are away.


It is common that your dog must be current with all of its inoculations prior to being boarded. Ask the dog boarding company what they require for dogs that they are boarding, and be prepared to get the necessary shots and proof that your dog is up to date on all their necessary inoculations. It also means not waiting until the last minute to look into this since it may take some time to get this done. 


You'll want to ask how the dog boarding company handles feeding your dog. Will they be feeding your dog a specific food, or do you need to supply their food? This may be important if your dog is on a specific diet, or that you have a preference about what your dog is eating. 

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