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It's one thing to feed and bathe your pet like you should, but it's another thing to treat him or her like a family member. I have been a pet owner for a long time, and during that time, I have watched how friends and family members treat their animals. I have noticed several trends with people who really care about their animals, and I want to share them with you. After all, doesn't every pet deserve to be loved and cared for? Check out my blog for more information regarding pet ownership, so that you can make life special for your furry friend.

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Going On A Trip With Your Dog? Use Daytime Dog Boarding To Give Yourself Free Time

When you live by yourself, leaving the city for a vacation is easy because the only thing you need to do is make sure you get time off work. But, after adopting a dog, you will have a huge responsibility on your hands. It can make going on trips a little trickier because you will need to decide between leaving them at home, bringing them to a friend's, or taking them to a boarding facility for your vacation's duration. Another solution is to bring your dog along for the adventure, but still use dog boarding on some days.

Find a Hotel with a Facility Nearby

A great way to make this work for you is to find a hotel that has a boarding facility close by. If you want to go without renting a vehicle, you should make sure it is either within walking distance or that an employee will come to pick up your dog. Another alternative is finding a hotel with shuttle service that has a drop-off point close to a boarding facility as this will still provide you with transportation in a timely manner.

Drop Them Off in the Morning

Some days you may have no intention of boarding your dog because you want to bring them along for a long adventure. But, when you do decide to board them, you should schedule it for the first thing in the morning because this will give you plenty of hours to do things before you must pick them up. At some point in the afternoon or evening, a facility will charge you for an overnight stay. So, you will want to make it a priority to leave your last activity a bit early to make sure you are able to pick up your dog on time.

Avoid Hotel Disturbances

If you were to try to stay in a hotel with your dog, you could run into some problems. For instance, if your dog starts barking and does not stop, you could be given a warning by the hotel staff. Leaving them in the hotel while you are gone for the day is not a viable option because you cannot keep an eye on your dog. They could start scratching at the front door or even cause damage to the hotel room you are in.

Boarding your dog while on vacation, such as at Canine Country Quarters, will allow you to spend quality time on your own and with your dog.