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It's one thing to feed and bathe your pet like you should, but it's another thing to treat him or her like a family member. I have been a pet owner for a long time, and during that time, I have watched how friends and family members treat their animals. I have noticed several trends with people who really care about their animals, and I want to share them with you. After all, doesn't every pet deserve to be loved and cared for? Check out my blog for more information regarding pet ownership, so that you can make life special for your furry friend.

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Is Your Dog Recovering From An Injury? Look For The Best Qualities In A Boarding Facility

While you may take incredible care of your dog, you cannot prevent them from getting injured. It is possible for unexpected injuries to happen when jumping off the bed, going on a walk, or even simply running in the backyard. After taking your pet to their vet for a splint, brace, prescription, or even surgery to help them recover, they will likely have a recovery process that they need to go through that could take days, weeks, or months. If you need to go on a trip while they are still recovering, you should be careful in picking a boarding facility.

Comfort on the Ground

It is common for facilities to have comfortable places to relax in the forms of beds, chairs, and couches. But, this can be an issue if the only options for comfort are at an elevated level. You want to find a place that has furniture on the ground so that your dog can relax or sleep without having to jump up. It may even be worth requesting for all furniture that is not solely on the ground to be removed. This will keep your dog from being able to attempt jumping up, which will minimize their chance of getting reinjured.

Privacy Option

While your dog may be capable of spending time with other dogs, you may want complete privacy to be an option. For instance, the dogs at the boarding facility may play a little rough, so it is important for your dog to be able to relax and recover without having to worry about other dogs being around. This may prevent your dog from being as stimulated as they could with interaction from dogs, but the main goal should be providing them with a safe place to stay and recover from their injury while you are gone.

24-Hour Live Video Feed

An incredible feature that you should look for with a boarding facility is a 24-hour live video feed. This will allow you to look at your dog and see what they are up to at any given time. Making sure it is 24 hours is crucial because you may be in a different time zone where daytime for you is nighttime for your dog. The best situation is when you can go online and check out an example of the feed quality. This way, you can pick a boarding facility with a high-resolution feed for easy viewing on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Taking these details into consideration will help you pick a dog boarding facility that is perfect for your recovering dog while also giving you peace of mind knowing that you can watch them.

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