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5 Particulars You Need To Know Before Boarding Your Dog For The First Time

Are you planning on boarding your canine companion for the first time? If you and your furry best friend have never experienced pet boarding or daycare, there are a few particulars you need to be aware of. You may already know that you may supply your own pet food or have the facility use theirs, but there is much more you may have overlooked. For instance, consider puppy age restrictions, vaccination requirements and whether private boarding or play interaction is offered. Here are some of the particulars you may have overlooked or you may be unaware of:

1. Most Boarding Facilities and Daycare Have Minimum Age Requirements

Did you know that your very young puppy may not be accepted at certain pet daycare and boarding facilities? A puppy younger than four months of age may not have developed a strong immune system, therefore it may be subject to disease when interacting with other dogs. If you must board your young pup, an alternative to doggie daycare might be boarding your pet at your veterinary clinic.

2. You'll Need to Ensure Your Dog's Vaccinations Are Current

Every reputable pet boarding facility will require proof of vaccinations, which typically include shots for rabies, distemper and kennel cough. Your pet may also need to be on preventative flea and tick medication. In addition, your dog may need to have had a fecal test which tested negative within the past several months. You may be able to have your veterinarian fax the information to the kennel before making your reservation.

3. You May Have the Option of Private Boarding Versus Play Room Interaction

What does this mean to you as a concerned pet owner? If your dog's temperament is not suitable for social interaction with a group of other dogs, you might opt for private room boarding. Some facilities offer a "temperament evaluation" to advise an owner of whether their dog shows anxiety or is comfortable playing in a group.

During this evaluation, your dog may be placed with other pets for a short period to note how well the dog gets along with the other dogs. This will be done under supervision from the staff members. A temperament evaluation may help you determine the best option (private boarding versus play room interaction) for your pet. Keep in mind, if you choose the private option, your pet should still have playtime and social interaction with a qualified staff member.

4. A Webcam Option for Anxious "Pet Parents" May Be Available

This is a modern convenience that might set your mind at ease. If you feel a bit apprehensive about boarding your pet for the first time, or if you simply wish to see for yourself how your pet is getting along, inquire about this option. For an additional fee, a boarding facility may offer a live webcam in play areas so owners may watch (over the a secure Internet connection) their dogs play.

5. Holiday Bookings May Need to Be Placed in Advance

If you plan on boarding Rover during the holidays, you may be required to make your reservation well in advance. In some cases, a week or two is fine, although during peak holiday times, a few months in advance may be advisable. Call the boarding facility to inquire how much advance planning is needed during the holidays.

The above mentioned "particulars" are just a few aspects for first-time boarding pet owners to be aware of. To make the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your dog, ask the facility for a list of specific rules and regulations. This list should also include drop-off and pick-up times, as well as cancellation fees.

Go to websites of local professionals for more information.